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Spray Tanning: A Preferred Alternative To Sun Tan
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How long will the tan last?
Depending on how well you prepare,
and take care of your spray
tan afterwards, about 5-10 days.
If you tan regularly, your skin
will get used to the spray, and
will hold the colour longer. Then
you might need a top up every
2 weeks or so.

What if I have a very fair skin that
has never been able to tan?

Hey, this is exactly why the spray
tanning process was designed
in the first place, for people that could
not tan by any other method! Most
probably you will get a fantastic
colour with spray tan! Of course,
people that tan easily will tan too.


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Spray Tanning: A Preferred Alternative To Sun Tan

Folks can't live without fashion now a days. Anything that corresponds to the ongoing fashion style and trend happens to be most sought after. That's why the current fashion fever of tanning is high in demand. In America and elsewhere tanning has established itself as a permanent industry. This unending fashion statement has paved the way for numerous alternatives to sun tan. For example, tanning lotions, tanning pills and tanning beds have come up as various tanning equipments. And one highly quick way of acquiring tan is spray tanning.

A good number of spray tanning booths are spread all over America. They offer you tan color at reasonable price. And above all, spray tanning is found to be safer than all other alternatives to sun tan. In fact dermatologists prefer recommending spray tanning over tanning beds.

Lotions used in these spray tanning booths are usually made up of SPF formula and hardly gives way to any side effect on skin. You can check a tanning booth for care and precaution that it takes while offering spray tanning before undergoing the process. Once you get comfortable with spray tan you can regularly visit the booth for keeping a tan color. Usually spray tan lasts for around six to eight days. Post spray tanning, you need to use some moisturizer on your skin. A good moisturizer helps you sustain the tan color and makes your skin glow, just like sun tan.

STS can also contain other ingredients which can affect the quality of the tan & the durability of that tan. Some of these ingredients can include Aloe Vera which will help sustain the tan through skin moiturisation & Eurythrolose which has a similar effect to DHA but because it is very expensive it can be left out of some cheaper STS's.

Many STS's quote the % of DHA which can act as a guide to darkness of the tan they should perhaps quote the Eurythrolose content as well. A good STS is in fact a balance of all the ingredients, simply going for a higher DHA is not always the best way to go. It is for this reason that you should be wary of companies which seem to offer STS in many different % DHA as often they simply add more drops of pure DHA but fail to balance the solution with proprietary ingredients such as Eurythrolose. Generally the higher the DHA content the longer it will take to dry & the tackier it will feel on the skin & the more chance you have of rubbing it off before the DHA has had time to "take", this can produce a patchy affect. More care must be taken when dealing with solution which is a higher DHA. The strongest spray tan (at 15% DHA) is Siennasol Extreme.

Some of the booths use bronzer while the others prefer DHT after the lotion is sprinkled on the body. Bronzer results in immediate glowing skin while DHT takes some hours to give a look of sun tan. However dihydroxyacetone is a preferred tanner by most of the spas and tanning salons.

Before going for this tanning procedure you must consult dermatologist to ascertain nature of your skin as people with certain types of skin are not recommended for spray on tan. For examples folks with dry skin are not recommended to visit spray tanning booths.

You can seek spray on tan in even twenty five dollars. Usually the cost of getting this artificial tan color ranges between twenty five to one twenty five dollars.

You should refrain yourself from taking shower before you go to spray tanning booth and post tanning you should keep a check over your mobility for a few while.

Lastly, don't forget examining your skin for any side effect or reaction after tanning and if you find so, immediately visit your dermatologist.

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SUN TAN ALTERNATIVE ORANGE COUNTY, ALTERNATIVE TO SUN TAN ORANGE COUNTY, Spray Tanning: A Preferred Alternative To Sun Tan, Tanning Salon Orange County, Orange County Tanning Salons, Benefits of Spray Tanning, Spray Tanning Guide, Best Spray Tanning in Orange County CA

Spray Tanning: A Preferred Alternative To Sun Tan